Experts in timber manufacturing and construction

since 1997

Construction timber

We produce timber for construction: boards, rafters, balustrades and masonry. We cut construction timber from fresh sawn spruce, pine and larch logs. The wood is packed in packages of equal length, with 20 mm thick gaskets placed in each row of boards. The package is bound with metal strips. Other packaging is available on request. The quality of our products is in line with European standards.

Tar wood

We supply Western European customers with blanks for the production and repair of europallets. The tables are made of coniferous (spruce, pine) and hardwood (birch, alder, aspen) wood. The quality of the products is in accordance with UIC 435-2.

Wood for furniture

From high quality birch, alder, oak, ash, pine, spruce and larch logs we produce unedged boards for furniture production. We offer to the client dried or dried timber. The color of the wood is the same (white, yellow, pink), without blackening, bluing or browning. Wood is rotten, not rotten, rotten, free from mechanical and beetle damage. The branches are just live, not falling out. Packed in single length packs. A spacer of 20 mm is placed in each row of boards. The package is bound with metal bands. Package dimensions 1100x1100 mm.


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